I thought I would spread a little late Hallows Eve spirit and talk about a loved retro game classic that has been left to the wayside. I wanted this year to be able to play the last game on PS3 but, as luck would have it I cannot without some extra financial support. Instead lets remeber and hopefully get people interested again in SPLATTERHOUSE!

As the name implies Splatterhouse is a gore and blood beat’um up action game with horror. The original was released in the late eighties and was put on home consoles for the Turbo GFX 16 and its sequels on Sega Genesis. Nintendo got the Turbo port for its Wii shop on the Wii. That is the first time I got to play it extensivly. 

I enjoyed its tribute to classic horror films while being its own game. And while many gamers talk about Mortal Kombat being the first bloodiest and violent game needs to check Splatterhouse out. It was released in arcades about ten years before the first MK arcade game. 

In the series their are only three. However, all of them tell the same story of Rick and Jennifer going to a house of a mad scientist. Jennifer gets kidnapped and Rick is near death when a possessed mask calls to his aid. Sounds like a typical B-movie story right!? The games were all well reviewed and has a cult-like following. 

The last 16Bit game was released as Splatterhouse 3 for Sega Genesis in 1993. I recall being suprised when it came out because it wasn’t as hyped as Mortal Kombat 2 or Sonic 3. I remember playing it at my friends house and loving the more modern brawler game formula. Also the fact that the game was on a secret timer ment you had finish the game quickly or get the worst ending. As the years went by teases of an other Splatterhouse game was few and far between. It wasn’t until August issue of EGM magazine fans got their first glance at a new Splatterhouse game! 

Unfortunately development was troublesome. So the game was delayed many times losing its hype momentum to the point people just forgot it was released. Also to make matters worse the reviews were not great ranging from below average to average. The game was quickly forgotten and with it any legs the franchise had left. 

But wait!? If your a fan of horror games this game is easy to track down and not all that expensive so go ahead because not only do you get a modern Splatterhouse. You also get the classic games for free! It will be well worth the money you spent. So if you played any of the Splatterhouse games or got into them recently leave a comment below.  


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