I recall playing the first Battlefronts beta and worried that it was lacking in gameplay. I waved off my feelings as its was only the beta for multiplayer. This turned out to be the case when the game was released in November 2015. Even though it sold well the game was poorly received from online troubled, lacking content etc. Now almost three years later EA and DICE are hoping to be redeemed. Will they succeed!?

Lets get one thing out of the way. This isn’t the same Battlefront. Playing the first then second you can tell some few major and many minor differences. This makes Battlefront 2 a different, yet simular experience. This reason above all else is why when time for a critique I will judge it by itself. 

With that said boy o’ boy this is way better! The environments are great. Very detailed and have tons of animations making it feel real. Leaves blowing, birds flying, are a few little details that suprises you eyes. I enjoyed going through Maz’s castle from the basement to the roof. Theed was amazing and the palace was jaw dropping. 

Thats enough about looks. Lets talk gameplay. Now Battlefront has a class system again. Each memeber has their own set of skills and weapons. I thought I would hate officer class but, turns out they are pretty good. The game tries to be more team based but its clear players just still wanna kill other players instead of objections. 

Gone is the star card of the last game and now we have skill cards that can be earned, created, and leveled up. I really like it. However, skill cards are attached to loot boxes. So Im expecting drop rates and grinding to be more annoying in the final game. 

Fight combat has been way over hauled from the first game. You can roll, speed up/down and you can free fire on enemies instead of waiting for a lock on. Also very important to mention that controls can be customized now! For myself it took a bit of tinkering with the flight controls until it felt right. 

So the game is set to release in November and thats when many gamers and Star Wars fans will find out if Battlefront 2 redeems the franchise or if its another of the dark sith lord we call EA. I have decided to get it on launch day and you bet I will be as critical as possible for a critique. May the force be with us all. 


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