DLC: What It Is, What It Should Be

We have all heard it before. The pains of the Industry bleeding consumers dry for every cent of every dollar. I myself have wrote and spoke about the subject more than a few times. As I try not to be negative all the time (rather making it appear that way) I want to make a suggestion how DLC should be implemented in video games. 


Who here doesn’t like new stages, levels or maps for their favorite game? It rather annoying when publisher or developers

think its ok to announce DLC before the games release date. So either they shouldn’t promote it or, release it on the disc and make more new maps later. This makes the game have more content out of the box and insures longer playtimes giving developers times to make new levels for later. 


Cosmetic DLC has for the most part been the least hated DLC because it doesn’t effect the main game experience. However, lets keep the prices fair, shall we? Its not acceptable to charge over a few dollars for outfits. Also please stop charging for alt colors in fighting games! That was free before and costs nothing to develope. 


I hate season passes! Its one of the dumbest DLC ideas ever made. Pay for DLC now before its announced or finished. Its even worst if the DLC isn’t worth the price you paid. So how to make this better? Its quite easy. We shouldn’t have them in the first place. In fact the reason publishers announce the DLC early is just to sell gamers season passes. 


As DLC has became part of the gaming business we all knew it would only be a matter of time the industry would find ways of abusing it. Ask yourself how much would you pay for Naked Snakes old camo? Whats it worth to play a ten minutes of a new story mode!? From how I look at it that is too much. 


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