Im not sure why it came to me now but I been thinking why is alot more videogame sequels better than its first installment. For example Titanfall and Injustice were both solid games when they released. However, it seemed they were missing things that could have made the game even better. 

Thats when years later the sequel releases and guess what? Its better, but that should be a givin. The fact is its awfully similar to the first game just with more content. Need more proof? How about the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2? The first game come out really lacking in modes and content that were planned but later released as DLC and updates. Battlefront 2 reworks alot of what the first game was lacking in every way.  BF2  is said to have three times more content the Battlefront. Its great to hear but what about BF? The game still is a fraction of what it should have been at launch. Now fans are ready to throw more money for BF2which is essentially what BF should have been in the first place. 

Another example is Destiny 2. First Destiny didn’t have much of a story, variety of gameplay and horrible enemy AI. However, Bungie and Activison bounced back and Destiny 2 looks to be more of the same but tweeked throughout the game. But isn’t more of the same a good thing? Yes it is, but not if you have to pay more for what could/should have been in the original game in the first place. 

It is apparent that developers and publishers can profit more by repacking a better version of a game and warrant the price tag by slapping a number #2 on the title then marketing it as a whole new experience. The sad part is as fast as the industry grows I know I cannot stop the gears from turning but what I can do is inform others the gears are faulty and its a matter of time until they break. 


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