In this new segment I’m just sharring random thoughts about games I’ve been playing. Currently picked up this gem with a 50% off price tag (getting the DLC this weekend). I have to be honest, Im really impressed! Its a good blend of interesting concepts in the FPS genre. This game alone took me off Yakuza (Ill talk about that later) and all I can think about is Titans, walking on walls and grappling.

I could literally talk for hours about this game in such a positive light that its hard to believe this was published by EA games. Thats right! I know its strange huh? Unfortunately because its EA they couldn’t have got away without doing something incredibly stupid.

It seems the publisher thought it be a great idea to release the game with little marketing and in between Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Battlefield1.

So of course Titanfall2 got buried in the shuffle and most FPS fans could only pick one game. Lucky for EA it was Battlefield1, not so lucky for developers Respawn ENT. Be that as it may be theirs some good news.

For starters the games community is still alive and kickin. You can pick up a new copy for 29.99$! If you happen to be in Japan or have a jp PSN account you can get it and its DLC for 50% off. Im not a big FPS player but I know what I like and I love Titanfall2!


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