So Destiny 2 is out today and literally thousands are playing right now enjoying the same experience they had with the first game. 

That makes me so annoyed, not because people are playing the game but their is no end to this cycle created by the game publishers and marketing groups. They created the perfect game cycle to which they can spend the least amount of money while making more money. 

Think I’m crazy? Lets look at EAs Star Wars Battlefront. BF2 by far is looking to be very different than Star Wars BF1. Story mode, Class System, All Film Eras? No more special ability icons, reworked fight mechanics etc. In a single shot you can tell the difference of the two games. 

How about Destiny1 and Destiny2? What in terms of gameplay and design what separates these games from each other. Bigger question is why not put all this new content in the first Destiny? Sure Destiny 2 runs a little better and looks a fraction better but as a whole their is nothing in the game as far as I can tell that makes it worth a hundred dollars for the full experience. 

This screams cash-in sequel! While I maybe the minority on this about Destiny 2 my only goal is for gamers in this day and age to check their fandom of games like Destiny or Battlefront at the door. When its all said and done publishers and developers are in it for the money. You buy the game alone means they win. Talk shit about a shitty game all you want. They make money and the game industry is going to do it again. 

Destiny has a loyal fanbase that no matter what crittics of the game say the fans buy it. Thats what Activision wants! They don’t need new players because with microtransactions in place all they need now is the fanbase. So with its release, fans are playing, and praising how good Destiny 2 is proving that what Bungie and Activision knew would be a safe bet for success.


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