I don’t remember when mediocre games became so media worthy but I do know that for all the hype they generate games like The Order or No Mans Sky ultimately are met after release with grave disappointment. It seems like every month theirs a new game with a mountain of hype behind it. 

Get ready for another one! Biomutant is the next “IT” game that many media journalist are talking about. You play as some humanized animal that would right away remind you of Rocket Racoon. In this third person action platformer the player gets to shoot guns, swing large swords and use mutated materials to get you to your goal. 

Funny thing is nothing sounds interesting or innovative. We have seen these gameplay novelties before and done better. However, some journalist are trying to hype it up like its the next best thing. What is it about mediocre games that these game journalist find so appealing? 

Here is a walking, talking squirrel with a big sword and guns! Thats totally new! Everyone checkout this game! Amazing, you can create a mushroom you can use to reach higher platforms. Inspirational! Oh look, look! He fights with a sword, rolls to avoid attack and swtiches to a firearm! 

As Syndrom would say, “lame, lame, lame, lame!” 

But I digress, maybe I didn’t see all the game has to offer. After all they only showed the opening section of the game. Is it possible the game gets way more innovative later on? The trouble with first impressions is you only get one chance. To me BioMutant blew it. 


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