Last week its being reported that publisher Ubisoft may really want For Honor to be good. Ubisoft Motreal has been working to improve the game since its launch as the game was plagued with bugs, glitched, balancing issues and online connection. Things you really dont want for an multi-player action combat game.

Its been announced that for the next season For Honor will get a major overhaul as well as more character and maps. In edition to this Ubisoft will finally be providing private servers for online. This announcement comes after reports surfaced on the current poor status of the five month old game. 

So what do I think of all this!? Well I myself enjoyed the games beta and was going to buy it but after the reviews and poor reception I waited to see if the game improved or not. Lucky for me (not so much for others) I can get the game at a highly disscouted price. That is how it suppose to be done folks! However, it begs the question why didn’t Ubisoft right off the bat delay the game until balance, and glitches were minimal, and private servers in place? We already know the answer though. 

The point in all this is that if it all turns out well older players might return and with better press exposure For Horor will be getting a small dose of new players too. This could prove to be For Honors second lease of life. If any new game Ubisoft released these few years deserves a second chance I want it to be this game. What do you think? Can it be saved? Do you think Ubisoft is doing enough to save this game?


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