I love my PS3 and PS4. I play them almost everyday for a few hours. I still remember waiting years after the PS3 launch to get it when Metal Gear Solid 4 came out. However, I do recall it took Sony three years to get the PS3 out of the mudd. 

PS4 faired a bit better but the results are the same. Its taken three years for the console to get running and with games like Horizon Dawn and Bloodborne that show  a noticeable difference between current and previous generations. Unfortunately the first few years of PS4 library is saturated with games also for the PS3. Worst of all a majority of them had only slight graphical cosmetic done which made the idea of buying a PS4 in its first few years pointless. 

Now in 2017 we have three versions of the PS4. Original, Slim(which its really not) and Pro. All with slight pros and cons that unless you want this feature or that resolution any one of them gives you a good gaming experience. This begs the question as rumors spread about a PS5 next year or in 2019. 

For me Im not ready for a PS5. Hell Sony and most developers were not ready either. This is one of the reasons some of our most hyped games have been disappointing. Take for example Final Fantasy 15. If they down scaled the size of the game and took out a load of effects it could easily been on PS3. Now some of you say, “That could be done with any game.” Yes thats true and thats the problem. 

Take for example Super Mario World and Mario Bros.3. How much of SMW game can be put into the original Nintendo? Well it couldnt have all the colors. The music would be scaled down. The pixels would be downgraded drastically. The optical effect gone. To get to the point SMW wouldnt be SMW anymore. It wouldnt even come close.

So was it too early for PS4? Yep, have of its game library is games that are also on the PS3. So does that mean its too early for a PS5? I will let time answer that question. But, what do you think?


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