The BIG news this month is that Battlefront 2 will have microtrasactions in it. If you don’t know what that is then let me sum it up. MTs are small amouts of real money players of a game pay in order to do various things in a game such as customize a character or build stronger armies. 

You will see these pop up alot in mobile games and for the past few years MTs structures are popping in more console driven games. Their is literary dozens of current gen games with MTs in them including Overwatch, Injustice2, and For Honor to name a few. The worst of these are the games that charge for status bonus that can make characters stronger in competitive playing games. 

It now been released that, yes! Battlefront 2 will have microtransactions in random status bonus packs. If you didn’t know now but the gaming community had a field day with this leaked news. Players of the first game are ready to cancel their pre-orders. However, its has been explained a short time later that these pack can be gained in game. 

That does change things up a little because it means if anyone is rich or dumb enough to spend tons of money on launch day that they may be awsome for a short while but in the end that edge to win will get dull as others will be gaining those same bonus packs just playing the game. So if it turns out to be true it would suck but wont cripple the experience of the game as a whole. Just to be clear Im not saying microtransactions in full priced games are alright. Im saying that as long as it wont grant a player/s the overall advantage to win indefinitely then it shouldnt stop you from buying the game after launch day. 

What do you think? Is this a make or break situation for you!? 


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