Just before E3 2017 Sega announced they were gonna unveil some BIG NEWS. Many Sega fans though the company was going to show off new hardware. This was not the case as in June Sega announced “Sega Forever”. A streaming service where fans can play many favorite Sega games of the past from several different platforms. Players could play Streets of Rage on various systems for free with Ads or no Ads for a minimal fee. 

Sounds great however, not alot of details have been released as of now. No offical platforms or devices have been listed. As well as no launch date or library of games avalible at launch. This is only temporary as Im sure more will be answered before and after Tokyo Game Show later this year. 

My personal thoughts are that this is a good idea if Sega releases a steady pace of quality games. Also it would be great to get new ports of games that didn’t make it in the west, Guardian Heros hmmm? This is also a good way to give Sega an idea on what properties to try and bring back. 

On the surface this plan has alot of promise and could give Sega a shot in the arm to develop more games than just Yakuza, Phantasy Star, and Sonic. On the other hand this could just be more desperation from Sega to milk what resourses they have left in order to make another dime. 

I would like to know your thoughts on Sega Forever? Is this Sega’s future, or the last effort from the falling publisher before it pulls the plug? 


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