This week I had an itch for some Metal Gear Solid. The question is which one to choose. Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, MGS4? Theirs way too many to choose from. However, I picked the one that I can always keep on playing multiple times. The game that seem to surpass the exellent Snake Eater. That has to be Peace Walker. 

Peace Walker gave us the REAL Big Boss that we heard about in previous MGS games. Not only was the story as good as Snake Eater but, the gameplay was so simple and streamline that its a great entry to start for players new to the series. 

Right away the games story really sucks you in and the story missions keep the narrative going that builds up to the most hardest boss fight of the whole series. The characters all fit except for one that I wont go into details about. I enjoyed Kaz and Paz. I liked Amanda. Coldman was a great protagonist. 

As I mentioned earlier the gameplay and controls had to be simplified because of the game being on PsP but, that didn’t seem to take away from games playable content. In fact its much more simplified then MGS4. Alas PW has no real custom weapons features but it does have a robust amount of weapons. Arguably better than The Phanton Pains line up. 

Theirs over a hundred playable missions and while some are repeating they are so short that you mind it less than if it was a mission that takes a long time. Also you get some really quarky extra missions like “Date with Paz” or “Hunters Quest”. All missions offer different objectives as well as difficulty that keeps you playing for hours. 

Their is a multi-player mode with versus mode and co-op modes. Of course its not as robust as say Metal Gear Online but, it funtions well and is fun in small doeses. Personally I play more on the HD version because it has less frame rate issues and faster connection speeds. 

I could go on and on about this game but the final thing to say is to treat yourself and play it. Its a COMPLETE GAME. 


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