Hideo Kojima is a very creative man in the gaming industry. This man and his hard working, creative team made so many great games in the 30 plus years he’s been in the business and art of video games. 

However, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. Two years ago it had been openly reported that Konami was going through a major corporate shift from electronic entertainment to other more profitable ventures and while this shift was happening Kojima and his team were rushing to get their latest and final game Metal Gear Solid V completed. This cause quite a haul of rumors to be spread about the condition and work environment at Konami HQ. 

The jist of it is that Konami eighty-sixed Kojima in a very bad way but Kojima took it in stride because he was starting his own production company as well as developing a new IP now know as Death Stranding. Currently very few know what the game is gonna be like. Many are excited however, some (rightfully so) are nervous. 

Kojima has been hyping this game up as well as fans and game media. I just hope we don’t get another MGSV. The game was  so hyped and unfortunately a disappointment. Its should be in Kojima’s best interest to keep the hype steady. Be very open with the game throught the community and media. Explain to them what the story is and show the gameplay will be different and interesting. Keeping gamers in the dark is a great hype generator but if Death Stranding doesn’t exceed expectations that will make Kojima Productions next game a much harder sell. Time will tell and I will be sure to chime in my thoughts when more information gets released. 


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