So E3 has come and gone and one of the biggest reveals was of course EAs Star Wars Battlefront 2. Again as with the last game BF2 looks great and sounds near perfect. Gameplay looks about the same with a few minor tweeks. We are getting new characters, classes and confirmation that their wont be a season pass. So time to get out the wookie wallet and pre order!? 

Not so fast scruffy looking nerferders! All what was shown at E3 was one map, one game mode and two armies. This reminds me of the same marketing from 2015. Showing fans very little in order to get as much hype as possible. Well Im not falling for it. Here are five ways EA can screw us over again…


Just because their is no season pass doesn’t mean EA wont try to shove a heap of DLC at players to make some more money. Want The Last Jedi Rey and Skywalker skins? It’ll cost you! You want decals for droids and troopers? No problem, only 19.99 for set one. 


Nothing can kill a gameplay experience like some good old bugs. Models animated poorly. Falling through the ground. Glitch, glitch and more glitches. If that doesn’t bother you tell it to the fans that bought Mass Effect Andromeda!


Im sure I said this in a post or two but it begs repeating. At worst we get the same levels as Battlefront plus Naboo, Geonosis, and Mustafar. Then perhaps one stage from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Which yes means we have more stages, but also means we paid for the same content twice. 


Fans are so happy that EA announced BF2 will have private servers for its multi-player part of the game. Which sounds great as long as the servers are strong enough to keep up with millions of players at a time. If not be prepaired to see alot of server maintenance notices. Whats so great about a multi-player game if you can’t play it because servers are constantly down?


What’s that? How can EA screw us with announcing Battlefront3 ? Quite simple. If BF2 improves on what should have been in the first game to begin with what to stop EA from doing it again if BF2 is a big hit but still is a shallow experience? Nothing! This is EA. The same company that releases new sports games every year and offers the bare minimum of improvements but still wants to charge full price. 

Now I could just be a nervous nelly. Its very possible EA could pull out all the stops because they dont want to lose this franchise thats already generated millions of dollars for them in a few years. For me Ill wait. I will wait for the game to be released and then decide if I buy right away or if Ill wait until its tossed in a bargain with its predecessor. Time will tell. May the force be with you. 


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