Boy do I hate Esports! Just the idea of it sounds dumb. Seriously how can sitting on your butt pushing buttons qualifies as a sport? Hell, golf is more a sport than playing video games. Marketing should be calling it ECompetitions or CGaming. Its not only the name of it thats got my balls in a basket either. 

Currently many game developers and game publishers are trying to make the next esports game. For Honor, OverWatch, and even Street Fighter all trying to fit the esports game model in hopes that would land them millions of dollars in advertisement and sponsors. This makes me so crossed between anger and discussed. Its not enough to scam millions out of gamers but with these kinds of games its a one, two sucker punch. Buy the game play it for hundreds of hours then join a competitive team and play more of the same game. 

All this is doing is causing an even bigger divide within the gaming community. First was Nintendo and Sega. Then Playstation and Xbox. After that it was casuals and hardcore. Now its console gamers and pc gamers. In a few years will it be competitive versus non-competitive? 

I cant stop esports from growing anymore than I can stop people from watching lets play videos. The only thing I can do is speak to other gamers and address the changing market by not buying these team based, multi-player, made for only esports games. The reason why is that they aren’t marketing these games as such. The marketing blinds its consumers that For Honor is a full indepth single and multi-player weapon based combat game. 

By the time you bought it on day one, and played it for a month its too late. Ubisoft got your money and your stuck either to sell the game for less than half of what you paid for, or keep the game and hope major improvements are added. These games are never indepth. They are competitive, and repetitive. 

So what the take away in all this? As gamers and consumers we should be wary of what we are paying for. If your a competitive player then you want a competitive game. If your not then you dont want that kinda entertainment. So be awary because these kind of games are growing. We are paying a premium so we should get what we pay for not what was sold to us.


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