Currently EAs Star Wars Battlefront 2 has some big shoes to fill. With the released teaser trailer and what little information gamers have it all points to Battlefront 2 being bigger and better than the first game. However, their is one issue that not many have really discussed. The issue of three separate studios working on the same game. 

I understand its nothing new. Many big titles have at least one other studio help another with its game. DICE works on mutiplayer. Monolith works on Single player and Criterion work on space combat. On paper its sounds like a great idea. Each developer has worked on games in the past with similar game mechanics. However, its also has a greater potential of being a huge disaster. 

These teams need to have exellent communication and contact with each other. Not to mention they are on a very tight schedule (BF2 releases in November). Each team has to have everything finished and working. That all boils down too single player campaign complete. Online multiplayer is balanced and severs strong. Space battles are intergrated into both multiplayer and single player campaigns with solid gameplay and accessible controls. If any one of these studios mechanics are not polished and well made the game as a whole will fail. 

Lets not forget. Battlefront was a HUGE mess. Lack of modes, gameplay, content made the game very short and hollow experience. If this entry cant deliver of being even close to the 2005 Battlefront 2 then the franchise is done. EA cant afford this game not tobe a big success! Thats why its a bold move from EA to have three developers working on it. 

Not is all doom and gloom though. If the gameplay is exceptional and EA releases a few playable demos to the public showing epic huge Star Wars battles, they could very well have a game thats better than the 2005 game. We have to see what happends during E3 and wait till autumin to get a demo. Until then, May the Force be with you. 


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