Since possibly two years ago their has been a big push by publishers for gamers to buy newly released games on its first day. To many this may come off as moronic but does anyone have games over two years ago that had Day One Edition on the front of the box!? 

Before this it was all about the pre-order but now to brag about getting a “Day One” copy sounds petty and dumb. Sure you get some kinda bonus to go with it but, what if the games bad? It also doesn’t sound that special when other stores put up the same content for pre-order. How about something thats worth a dame! It all boils down to sales.

Publishers hype a game then put up promotions and advertisements to get you to buy the game asap. Why?! For one they want your money. Also, publishers know that a games highest sales peak is the first week of its release. Two weeks if the game getting high praise from critics and gsmers. Its all about sell, sell, sell. 

With hype generated to such high levels on so many titles and not deliver its no wonder why publishers try to trick gamers to buy their games as quickly as possible. I have already learned my lesson with Final Fantasy XV. So now Im taking a stand (and hope you do too) by not buying games good or not on day one. Im not just saying buy on the second day, or third day either. Im saying wait a few weeks or a few months! 

Its hard I know with rich games like Zelda BotW or Injustice 2 providing so much great fun gameplay that we have to get it on its first day. Less we forget that for every one of those quality games their is a dozen more that are disappointing, over hyped, with alot of DLC. By the end what started as a sixty dollar purchase became a two hundred dollar now you have to eat ramen for a few weeks game that wasn’t what you were expecting. 

Many of the younger generation may think this is just normal. But to me and other gamers around my age this is just bleeding consumers out of every coin from someones hobby. So who will stand up, and show the game industry that we as gamers are tired of these practices. They can give us quality and fair DLC. They can give us better story and gameplay. When they do we will be more then willing to pay. Until then, just wait. Wait for reviews, wait for others opinion. You might just be happier going it. 


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