So in about a month one of the biggest gaming conventions will be on millions of eyes and ears about the latest games, hardwear and accessories in the electronic entertainment business. As of right now most buzz is on Microsoft and its new console titled, “Project Scorpio”. As for Sony lips are being tightly shut but that doesn’t mean bad news. So whats can we hope and guess to see from 2017!?

I maybe in the minority here but I feel Microsoft has the most risk this year. Last years E3 was pretty shallow with only a handful of games to show and the announcement of the OneS as well as Project Scorpio. Not bad really but as the year progressed titles have been delayed or downright cancelled. At best MS needs to showcase lots of games and make Scorpio the console gamers need. 

Sounds simple but they’re many ways this can derail easily. For one lack of exclusives will kill any new gamers to any of MS consoles. The cancellation of Scalebound was a big miss for Xbox as it was the only game fans seemed to take notice. The Scorpio might be powerful but, if its not reasonably priced then MS should forget about catching up to sales from Sony or Nintendo. 

So how is Sony? Its PS4 and Pro seem to be doing well enough. They have plenty of games for us to look forward too. Fans are eager for the next God of War and the spin-off Uncharted game. I would personally love Sony to announce a new Switchesk handheld but, I wont be suprised if they dont. Right now to keep its good times rolling Sony should drop prices on all theyre hardware. Its bold of me to say but the mass market always prefers cost over quailty. Even if Scorpio is a console pc (doubtful) it can’t beat a low cost game console with many good upcoming titles which is how Nintendo is still in business. 

Speaking of Nintendo, they will continue their treehouse show and direct announcements as previous E3s did. Nintendo has been making money with it launch of the Switch. Zelda and Mario Kart have sold tremendously better than expected which points to success. Better still is for the rest of the year support continues to grow with new games being released hand over hand. Better still Switch owners still have Splatoon2 and Mario coming autumn and winter. 

That downright wont mean Nintendo has an free ride. This year has been a success but, what about the following years? If Nintendo can’t pull off the same kinda release schedule as this year then it could be a slippery slope changing N’s course back to WiiU sales. Personal wish list is Nintendo to announce more new titles of classic franchised like Earthbound, or Blast Corps! 

Out of the three big companies I feel Sony looks the best position. However, that also means less expectation for something WOW to happen. With Microsoft and Nintendo this year could be a make or break moment. If they can’t wow the community with games and hardware then its gonna be a tough coming year. 

What’s your thought? What do you hope to see this year E3? 


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