What can I say? What can we all say as gamers buying into the hype machine only to come out with nothing but disappointment. I thought Final Fantasy XV would be a return to the franchises glory days. Boy was I wrong. Its even worse that my original instincts were right about the game all along. 

Do I feel bitter? Hell Yes! I paid one forth more than others did in the states. Also to pour salt on a wound I also bought the first part of the games DLC. So now this as well as with Destiny has taught me a lesson. Never buy a game based on hype. No need to pre-order, no need to buy an ultimate edition on day one, and no need to bring a games hype higher than its suppose to be. 

So what will I do now!? I show othets what I learned and spread the word to friends and listeners, viewers, and if cousre my readers. Currently the big hype is for EAs Star Wars Battlefront 2. It will release before the film The Last Jedi but I wont be buying it until I know what the game fully offers and if its worth my coins. So far things are sounding good but I dont trust them after the dissatisfaction of the launch of EAs first attempt. 

I implore all gamers out there, dont fall for it! Do not feed the hype, dont pre-order, wait till the game lowers in price. Even if its a great game. The industry has to earn its trust back by giving us more than what we are getting. We should get more for our money, not less and paying more later. So who is with me!? 


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