Time again for another Game Analysis! This one was tough, maybe my toughest yet. Without a doubt this game, its history, my feeling on its development and my time spent playing has been a roller coaster ride. Now its time to take it apart and see if its worth its wait!


The development of this game hasn’t been as long as its hype makes it out to be. Originally this game was tied to Final Fantasy thirteen titled Final Fantasy XII Versus, but was put on hold many times from original director Tsuya Nomura so he could work on other projects. As time passed Square Enix decided to put the game back on track with a new name and new director. FFXV was suppose to launch in September but for reasons not explained the games launch was moved to November.


The gameplay by far is one of the better points of the game. The action is fast paced and things can get really exciting when up against dangerous enemies. Controls are good. Nothing feels too complex or confusing during traveling or combat. The big weak point is quest and monster variation. Its just go there, fight,collect, do something and return. I will say that this is the first game in a long time to make me love Chocobos again. Using magic is another sour spot. Its fun to make different magic but overall it doesn’t add much to battles.

  • SOUND 

To say its bad would be not right. To say its good would be an overstatement. So I would have say its okay, or perhaps more accurately underwhelming. To hear all the old music from FF games was great and a trip to memory lane personally. The new music works at times but the whole score is rather short and at times one note. As for sound effects nothing to really take notice except hearing the echos of sounds when in a cave or ruins. Other than that sounds were passible.


No matter what console your playing on the game looks great! All the character models look good and are well animated. However, the use of CGI and in-game engine are very noticeable and I wish Square didn’t choose that way. I say really impressed with how the character cloths would get dirty or sweaty. It would have been even better to have battle scars or damage but, one step at a time right!? Environments are beautiful and colorful almost mimicing photo realisum. 


After the title introduction the game was a blast to play. I was loving every minute of the fighting and banter between characters. However, about chapter eight then on you realized things are getting boing and stale. Thats when the story kicks in super speed and its over. 


Seems I was a bit too excited for the release of the game and while I was loving it at first (after naming it game of the year) right around the half-way make the game development was ultra rushed resulting in a unsatisfactory story with an after taste that your not sure if you want to try it again. The promise (up to this point) that the game will be re tooled and small additions will be made in the future gives me little hope. Over all like many big games this generation Final Fantasy XV is  disappointing. It only proves that hype is nothing more than a lie about an average game. FIN


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