Hello again to all my guys, girls and gamers out there. Recent news has come out that Bungie has finally officially announced Destiny 2 for PS4. To many fans this is a great announcement, for myself however it reminds me of how much bull hucky the first game is. 

The first game titled only Destiny launched three years ago to massive Halo killer hype levels only to be welcomed by disappointed and anger. The game promised so much and delivered so little. The games hyped faded away quickly even after having some major updates, patches and two lack luster DLC expansions. Activision and developer Bungie hoping to bring old players back and gain some new players with its third expansion called “The Taken King”. 

 The success of The Taken King expansion gave the game a good boost of life and a bit of controversy too. Around this time the game Industry was hearing rumblings of Bungie working on Destiny2 but with no hard evidence the rumor stayed buried until a fourth announced expansion was unveiled named, “The Iron Wolf”. This was confirmed to be Destiny’s final DLC.

Sounds pretty good? Well…. 

My biggest trouble with all of this is the heavy money grubbing the first game has. First off the games DLC was over priced with very little content. Gamers paided sixty five dollars for the vanilla version then had to dish out an extra forty for both “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves”. Even more greedy was the third expansion was priced at forty dollars but also required players to have the other two expansions. So no matter if you bought the original Destiny used new players still had to pay an extra eighty dollars to play the full game. 

About now your thinking what does this have to do with Destiny2? The answer to that is quite simple. Its trust. How can Activision or Bungie ask us to pay for a game that wasn’t finished in the first place. How can fans trust Activision wont screw them over paying for an ultimate collectors edition with two DLC packs included only to later have to pay eighty dollars for two more DLC packs? How can gamers trust these companies knowing that others like them have insainly hyped their games only to be disappointed? 

You cant, and you shouldn’t either. Which is why I wont buy Destiny2!


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