Nintendo Switch is less than one week away and I think that its about time I chime in my thoughts on how the Switch could fail. Im not talking about battery life, WiiU, launch, size of Joy-cons, specs or prices. I will discuss how the Nintendo Switch could REALLY fail! 


This has been to my knowledge never been discussed before. What if the consumers desire for the Switch were reached at 5-8million units sold? That would be a nightmare for the company, its share holders, and Nintendo’s marketing department. 


If anything will kill a system its a weak pace of fresh new games fans can get excited about. Sure, Switch has Mario, and Zelda in the same year. What about next? What about spring 2018? Nintendo needs to keep the big games rolling out or the Switch will be stuck in an OFF position.


 One of the scarest things to happen to a hardware company is that the hardware being sold globally is defective and the company has to make a massive recall. This situation would cost a hardware manufacturer millions or even billions. However, Nintendo has a pretty hood track record in the past. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. 

     That I feel about covers it! Many gamers might be quick to point out subjects that have already been talked about or is of little concern (battery life, launch, controls,etc). Do I think the Switch will fail? Hell No! If anything, this could be the next big hit for Nintendo! I am also pretty confident that the Switch will change gaming in the industry as a whole……
    Thats if Nintendo doesn’t fuck it up first!


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