Full Disclosure, I have been paid by Ubisoft to state only positive things about For Honor that was released today in the west. The game I found to be a welcome suprise. The game looks great, the combat was very interesting and the multiplayer modes were enjoyable!


Seriously I was thinking this was gonna be a flash in the pan title much like Battleborn but, turns out I like the game alot. The combat of course steals the show. Its very technical, which could turn off some players quickly. Sticking with it and learning the ropes you start to slowly improve and win matches and duels. I think what I like most is how much focused was put on team play and cooperation. You are guaranteed to die by blindingly running in to an opponent mashing buttons and the thumbsticks. In fact I won alot by running away and finding support killing my opponent quickly then going after another with my teammates. 

Lets get into the topic at hand. This games good, really good. I can’t help think about how to make this game bigger and better. For example more characters! How about adding Romans or Spartains. Maybe some indigenous tribe with no armor but lighting fast speed and grouping ablities. Ninjas would be great! Adding stealth ablities and traps. What about making battles bigger with 20v20! Awww, I get overly excited thinking about what could make this game not only be a game good for esports players but, a game that would be added to the great games of history with Mario, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Max Payne, Team Fortress 2, etc. 


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