With only a month left until the Nintedo Switch is released, many media personalities have stated their thoughts on Nintendo’s newest console. Some are overly excited while others are less than impressed. However, their opinions don’t matter after the launch because it will be people that decide if the Switch is the next step of gaming or just another failed experiment. I do strongly believe that the Switch would not only catch up to the sales of the Wii. Its possible that the Switch can surpass the Wii sales eclipsing even the PS4 and XboxOne. 

Now lets me explain how this can happen. See one thing that many if not, everyone doesn’t mention about the lackluster WiiU is how (unlike the Wii) it was relevant to the gaming community at the time. It really had nothing as far as a console that separated itself from the other systems. Sure its controller had a touch screen and you could play some games on it. Other than that it didn’t offer much. Gamers game experiences were no different than Nintendo’s competition. 

How does this relate to the Switch? Quite simple! The Switch is what the WiiU should have been all along! Think about the idea of playing your console game anywhere you go. How many of us wanted to keep playing any number of games but, had to leave it behind because of school, work, family, transportation. We had a small taste of this idea with the WiiU but perhaps it was only an after thought then the main drive of the system. 

All that Nintendo has done with its consoles in the past ten years has produced the apex of the next generation of gaming consoles where theirs no limit to time or place to play full console games. I can see the echos of the motion controls happening with portable consoles. Mark my words in less than five years you will see Sony and Microsoft come out with some kinda PSmini or MiniXbox riding the coat tails of the imagination and innovation of Nintendo. People do want the Switch! Just like the Wii pre-orders are already sold out. The demand is ever growing as we get closer to launch. As more people experience the Switch the demand will keep growing. Then it will only be a matter of time and steady flow of games that will make the Nintendo Switch dominate the world! 


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