Now that the Nintendo Switch Presentation is over everyone now knows what Nintendo’s new console is all about. We know its a hybrid home/portable gaming console that comes with two joy-cons for two players or single player games. We know its around 300$ and 60$~80$ for extra controllers. Zelda will be a launch title! Games will be priced on its value and not Standard 60$ price point. Battery life depends on what game and how your playing, which can be 3~6 hours. 

These are a few of the things we know from the media fire storm the Switch has created. Just from the media coverage alone shows Nintendo could be on the track to success. However, that is not to say that the Switch and Nintendo’s plans are flawless. A couple of issues are keeping some buying one on launch day. 

One of the biggest issues is battery life and memory. As mentioned earlier some retractors feel the battery life is too short. This is not a mobile phone or a 3DS so expecting a longer battery life without paying through the nose for it is just nonsense. 

Internal memory if Im correct is 32G but has external ports using standard SD cards. To few this is a problem because it means extra cost. However, SD cards are the cheapest external storage you can find unlike the PSvita cards Sony sells to consumers. 

Other complaints stem from small controllers, to launch titles that really is not a big issue for a majority of people. Those that cry the loudest are heard by the most people. And with many un sure of the Switch because it NEW and DIFFERENT means that you will see many to chime in their thoughts on the system and saying the same thing others said before. 

Let us not forget the days od gaming past when before the Switch we had to buy a different console all together and a different set of games to go gaming. With the Switch it seems those days will come to an end. Im sure like with the Wii, and motion controls. Sony and Microsoft will deliver their own console/portable hybrid too. Just like before the imitators wont best the original. 


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