Its been close to a year since Street Fighter 5 had been released and since then the games been tweeked, added characters and a full story mode. With all this more content game sales should have improved, right?

While they have improved, its not the growth Capcom was expecting. Capcom was hoping for two million copies to be sold before April. The game sold six hundred thousand less than its projected numbers. Even worse is that after May fans got two new characters and story mode. With more content only one hundred thousand copies were moved. 

Alot of the trouble comes from the botch launch back in February. The game while plays well, it lack content that usually is present in all fighting games i.e. Arcade Mode. The other problem is (what I feel is the MAJOR problem) that the game feels all too familar from Street Fighter 4. 

Capcom currently is afraid to take alot of risks. They’re playing it safe and it shows with no significant changes made to the core gameplay. Adding fan favorites like Ibuki and Akuma will make fans happy but won’t move your numbers any higher. Adding modes is only as good as the modes themselves. So how to fix Street Fighter V?

Lets try by crossing off the old roster. Everyone except Ryu, Ken! We need new blood! Not chracters that play similar to our favorites. This time around ill admit the list of new characters is better. Abel and El Futie were the two I liked from SF4 but needed serious work done. 

Next is major changes in gameplay. Here we could add a combo counter system that works a bit like the parrying of SF3 with added quick attacks changing a fighter to be defensive or offensive on the fly. A little tick of mine has been spamming projectiles. Lets take this out leaving the fight as close combat as possible. Hadokens, and Sonic Booms are Special attacks only. 

Another thing on my list is annimation. For god sakes put in more animations for characters. It annoys me when you attack and characters dont react the way they could or should. If thats not to challenging then we can also have multiple level stages! Oh SFV has thats!? I hardly get to see it happen. What about stages above or below like Xmen vs Street Fighter. 

These are just a few idea I have had since SF3. So far SF4 still played like SF2 which isnt all that bad but, now SF5 plays like SF4 and with less content. It just doesn’t sound like its worth sixty dollars. Ever since the first Street Fighter each installment has had some significant changes that even from a single photo fans could see the difference. Even from SF3 to SF4 the design was a huge departure from the series. Cant say the same for Street Fighter V. Thats why sales didn’t go above expectations. Thats why Capcom is in a bind. 

Keeping a franchise fresh is tricky, but thats no excuse to be quick and lazy. Thats the problem with Street Fighter V!


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