I still remember the first day I got to see Resident Evil for the PSX waaay back when. I didn’t even know alot about the game before its release. My friend called me telling me how sick the intro was and even let me listen to the cheesy B-movie dialogue. Good stuff to say the least. 

Fast forward twenty years and while the peak of the franchise has risen and fell its still alive and well. The most intresting part of looking at the franchises history is that its reivented itself three times since the first installments on the PSX. First was Resident Evil 1,2,3, Resident Evil 4, 5/6 and Resident Evil 7. 

Im sure many will argue that RE 4,5,6 are the same type of game. I will say they are similar but the fourth game was still more in line with the pervious games then RE 5/6. Resident Evil 4 was still more about surival horror from the tone and overall design of the game. The other games following were way more action based. Now with the offical release of Resident Evil 7 fans can see a new design for the twenty year old franchise. 

This new title takes ques from more recent horror games such as Outlast. My first reaction was of course negative. Then after playing the two demos (a great move) by Capcom, Im looking forward to how this totally new design for RE and story continues the very compounded narrative. Little is know about RE7s story but, maybe thats for the best. Will see when the game releases next year. 


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