I remember ten years ago (maybe longer) when a video games had two players written on the box it means you, a friend with one console and two controllers. Playing games together like Street Fighter II, or Double Dragon during the weekend together in one room. 

Now a days thats not the case. Times have changed and video games have changed with it. Today their games with two players to hundreds of players. The big difference is its all done online. Is that a problem? No, but it begs the question, “What happend to player two?”

How many games last year had a real two player mode? I would be suprised if it was more than one that was not a fighting game. You might say to me that even many games twenty years ago didn’t have a real two player mode either. I disagree look at the majority of third party developers for Super Nintendo and N64.

The sole reason most gamers had an N64 was to play four player games during parties. It was at the time nick named, “The Party Console”. That was not the case for the Game Cube but, thats about the time Halo was released and internet gaming was in its infancy. So after this period PS3, 360 and even Wii shows signs of decline with two player games.

Now its all about Multiplayer modes and games. Gone are the two player games like Contra, Final Fight, or Sonic 2. I could be totally wrong. I could be mistaken. I could be a retro fanboy pinning for the olden days of gaming. However, at least I know Im not the only one who feels the same about this. 


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