Depending on who you talk to you’ll hear one or the other comment. Gaming is not what it use to be. Or, gaming is better than it was before. Let me break this down and go through some positive and negatives of each side. Then I’ll give my conclusions and you can formulate yours. 

Lets get the main ideas out of the way first. Quality and quantity of games and consoles. It use to be we get a console every five to six years because technology would get streamlined so fast. It wasnt like that after 2005 however, when PS2 released a slim version of its console that was a whopping 50% smaller than the original. This started the trend of during a consoles end lifespane that companies would produce a small, better functional console than the original. 

However, today it more, or less feels like a cash grab more than anything. Two years after its release the Playstation 4 has not one but two versions coming out this holiday season. Great for those that haven’t bought one yet, but what about the ones that already did!? Are we screwed now with an older inferior console that we paid FULL PRICE for? 

Now lets talk about DLC in games. Their was a time gamers dreamed of a day were developers could add more to already released games. How it be cool to have new sections and story in Snake Eater. Extra fighters or a story mode in Street Fighter 3. Now its more like a dream came true. We do get levels, story, and extras for a price to extend our games. 

This comes with a heavy taste of bitter sweetness don’t you know. New tecnology offers better looking games and broader experiances. That makes games today cost twenty times more than before. Titles now get cut up and sold piece by piece. Games have now half of the average play time as games did fifteen years ago. Games are rushed onto shelves before completed. Simple items are sold to gamers at questionable prices.

 If I could tell my younger gamer what would happend in the future Im sure he would be asking me alot of “Whys”. What are your thoughts? Are we losing our entertainment, or is this a long period of change? 


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