All over Star Wars fans are happy to get more books, movies and toys. Revealed at E3 this year was a glimps at what EAs future for Star Wars is.  But if I may quote a famous Jedi Master, “Win, you say? The shroud of the darkside has fallen. Begun these EA games have.”

Anyone who has played Star Wars games in the past and today notice a BIG difference in not only prioritys, but also quality. Good examples of this is the recent Battlefront game. When released the game looked fantastic but until you got the full copy no one knew how much content or lack their of was in the fully priced game. Even months later EA is still adding more content but with an added price. 

We also know that already a sequel is in the works for a release window of the time near the release of Episode VIII! Im betting this time players will get more content than the previous game but, not as much as we deserve. So what do we deserve you ask? The original Battlefront series gave us already full campains for both fractions during both generations ( Clone Wars, Emperial Civil War). We got ground battles and space battles with a dozen heros and villians. Thats what we should have at least got from EAs Battlefront game. 

From the looks of it I would be suprised if gamers got even half of that in the next game. What is even more scary is that EA is making more Star Wars games for consoles and mobile devices. This indicates to me that this publisher is going to bleed fans dry one way or another. If they can’t get money from Battlefront then EA will get money from another game or a microtransaction filled free-to-play game. It all point to one thing….

Star Wars games now will never be as diverse, original, simple, open, imaginary or fun like the games of my past. No new games like 1313, no original games like Jedi Academy. No diverse games like Shadows of the Empire. No imaginary games like Star Wars Chess and no simple games like Star Wars Arcade. We live in dark times indeed, we must be mindful of the future but not at the expense of the moment. 

-Quigon Jin-


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