I loved me some Street Fighter! That was the case until Street Fighter 4 was released. Don’t get me wrong, eventually I grew to enjoy Street Fighter 4. However, as a long time fan, I mean since Street Fighter aka Fighting Street arcade. I can’t help be annoyed by all the little announces caused by fans and current developers of the franchise.

First off inconsistenty with the franchises lore. Street Fighter had a story. Long before the first anime movie, or Udon comics. Unfortunately, Capcom never thought it was important to finalize what the main story was. Ever since the first game we know the main characters are Ken and Ryu. They have been in every SF game since then. Why not have the stories be based off them? 

The next annoying thing is the reliance in the cast of characters from Street Fighter 2. Sure we know how influencing the game was but not all the characters were great, or as popular and worth a story to tell in the next game. Example, Chun-li and Guiles story should have ended after SF2! But because SF3 wasn’t as big as SF2 Ono san (lead producer on SF4) wanted them back as well as the rest of the roster. Even though after the second game we had a new roster in Street Fighter 3!

Why did Ono not use the roster from the third game? Plainly because he liked SF2 more than SF3. To be fair he did get Capcom to bring the series back and re energize the fighting game genre. His love for the game makes me give him some bit of respect. 

So what does this have to do with Street Fighter 5? Everything is repeating itself again. Screwing with lore, check. Adding poorly designed new characters, check. Banking on the popularity of old characters, check, check, and triple check! Seems to me niether Sony, nor Capcom has the testicular fortitude to innovate an older franchise for the reward of solidifying Street Fighters Legacy longer than to just make more money until that Legacy burns out again. 

Does that mean SF5 is a bad game!? No, but you can clearly tell by how poorly the beta and launch went where Capcoms prioritys lay. To me that the worst part of all as a long lived Street Fighter Fan!


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