This picture sums up my feelings for Final Fantasy Fifteen. After playing the Platinum Demo my hype for the game dropped to a zero. The demo was terrible! The only thing I liked about it was the graphics. 

I have played most of the main numerical installments but, am I the only only feeling the quality of each game is getting worse!? I dont mean technically of course. What I am talking about is the most important part of the FF games: THE NARRATIVE! To prove my point here is a quiz….

If you played the last game (Final Fantasy 13), what was the story about? What do you know about the characters? If you answered nothing or very little your not alone. 

So the purest fans would say to  me, hey thats why Square made an anime and short films and manga! My answer to this is…. why not put it in the game? Hell I wouldn’t be suprised if more of the games story wasn’t hacked up for DLC later. Its this kinda bullshit that makes me dislike the franchise entirely. 

I remember when the intro to FF7 came out on a demo disc and it blew me and my friends minds. We couldn’t wait to play the game. How about FF15 demo? You walk around, jump, and talk to an annoyingly cute dog. No character development, no story, nothing that wants me to spend sixty dollars and play for forty plus hours. Seriously SquareEnix? What the fuck you doing!?

I can go on for hours but, I think my point is made that I wont buy FF15 on launch day. I wont buy the game at all if I hear its anything similar to the same problems as the last other offline entries. I was a pretty big fan in the day too. Im afraid that if Square doesn’t solve this issue that even the remake of Final Fantasy 7 is doomed to fail. Tell me how do you feel!? Is FF 15 going to fail? What about the franchise itself?


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