WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?! No Mans Sky Delayed Again



I don’t understand the hype for No Man’s Sky. I have literally seen no promotional material that makes this game a console seller. Sure it sounds impressive when the developers talk about it but, its not like their gonna say the game is crap now are they? Its been years since it was first announced and nothing proves the clams made by the producers of the game. That doesn’t stop gamers drowning on about how amazing this game will be when its released.
Well looks like fans will have to wait longer because Sony has confirmed that No Man’s Sky has been delayed until August ninth! Any delays on games people are excited about will get mixed reactions from the community. Some are angry because gamers have to wait longer. Others are fine as long as it makes the game better. We seen results both good and bad when titles like this gets delayed numerous times, but what’s the problem?
This is not the first game that had been delayed many times. Batman Arkham Asylum and Knight both had two delays after the original release date. Zelda Twilight Princess was also delayed if I recall as well. In any case I only hope its a great game that pleases as many fans and gamers. But seriously be cool and wait. While you wait why not play one of the fifteen games realeased this month!


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