Sooo it was only a matter of time that WB Interactive would remaster the first two Batman Arkham games in order to cash in on a concluded franchise. This month it was leaked in a game magazine the game/s would be out this summer using graffical inhancments. This was quickly confirmed by WB releasing a promotional trailer.
How do I feel about it? I dont trust this honestly. They say its remastered but some screenshots dont look as good. It appears some of these shots look like they been just edited with a shader. Dont buy the “This is made with the new Unreal Engine!” Rocksteady did a great job graffically with the engine they used for Arkham Knight. Why not use that engine? Hmmmm!?
The only real reason to get these games again is for the dlc pack in but if you were already stupid enough to get all the dlc on last gen consoles then theirs really no point. If you just now thought “Ohhh!” Congratulations! Your a little bit smarter than the others throwing their money away on this poor excuse for milking a worn out franchise. Now, wheres my Superman game Rocksteady!?