If any of you follow me on twitter just recently I posted games that I was excited about for the next few months. I was at the time thinking Mutants would release in June or July. However, yesterday I found it had release already. I thought about buying it right away but my gamer sense was tingling. So I checked some reviews annnnd its not good.
From the footage I saw it seemed that the developers had no solid idea to base the game on. Some open spaced levels were barren with little to no characters to fight or nothing interesting to do. Other levels were long narrow and consistantly repeating. Combat is just sloppy, simple button mashing and spamming special moves wins fights. Enemies were brainless while bosses were damage sponges while spaming powerful attacks over, and over.
I really don’t know whats going on with Platinum Games as of late. If this is how they handle licenced games, then they should just stick with their own original games. This was a tremendious disappointment and Platinum Games should be ashamed of themselves.


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