This is an informal post to fans of Disney Infinity and Disney Co.

Dear Disney,
Please reconsider your choice to cancel Disney Infinity. At least think about the idea of reorganization and prioritize the goal of what Infinity can be. I myself just got into Infinity 3.0 and loving the Star Wars content. I choose Infinity for the duel entertainment of toy and games.
I have an idea, how to make Infinity better…
First make a game. Give us Star Wars Saga Infinity. A complete game with six movie storylines and lots of locations. Then give us Disneyland Infinity. An open world game with small play areas of our favorite Disney characters. Marvel Infinity Battlegrounds. Marvel characters fighting each other. All three complete games separate from each other.

Second … The figures have secret bonuses. Like having a Luke and Yoda unlocks Jedi Master Luke. Spiderman and Venom unlocks black suit Spiderman. This gives customers insensitive to buy more figures and cut cost on production.
Third…. DLC it, don’t figureize it! Basicly drop the playset figures. Offer it as DLC. Again, cut cost of production and its easy for hitting a mass market. More profit!
Finally….. Increase production and distribution of Infinity figures. If the games are top quality and figures are accessible then people will buy them. It is so hard for me to find certain characters. That means your losing profits and I am not the only one ti think that.
Thank you for your time and consideration!

Gamer K


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